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Live-T Syrup (Pack Of 2)

Live-T Syrup (Pack Of 2)

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Use For:

  • fat on liver
  • liver diseases
  • agnimandya
  • Liver increase
  • liver fat
  • kamal diseases
  • liver cirrhosis 
  • liver care

Live-T Syrup is a combination used in the  of fatty liver disease. People with liver diseases such Liver increase, as occasionally closet, liver fat, this medicine more effective and for general health benefits. This helps the liver to perform its normal functions.

Live-T Panak Syrup:

For liver 


Health Supplement:

liver care,



(For Each 5 ml.) Harbs used for aqueous extract:
Kurchi (Holarrhena antidysenterica)100 mg,Kalmegh (Andrographis paniculata)150 mg
Bhringaraj (Eclipta alba)100 mg,Amlaki (Embilca offcinalis)150 mg,Boheda (Terntinalia belerica)150 mg,Haritaki (Terminalia chebula)150 mg,Ajwain (Trachyspermum ammi)100 mg,Khetpapda (Fumaria parviflora)100 mg,Bhuiamlaki (Phyllanthus niruri)200 mg,
Rohitak (Tecomella undulate)300 mg,Katki (Picrorhija kurrooa)100 mg,Kulekhara (Hygrophila spinosa)150 mg



panu & Kamla Roga, Jima Twar, Agnimandya & malabadhata Prashamak



10-15ml two times a day before lunch & Dinner or as directed by your physician


Side Effect:

No side Effect .

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