Mahashakti Salsa Syrup 450ml. (pack of 3 )

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Mahashakti Salsa Digestive System and Daily Strength Booster Syrup, made with fully Ayurvedic and herbal ingredients contains Amalki, Arjuna, Rakta Chandan, Lodh, Basak, Jatmanshi, Guruchi, Ashwagandha and Dhiphul as per your requirement we bring you Salsa Syrup for all liver related problems .

Maha Shakti Salsa Syrup:

Maha shakti salsa syrup improves digestive system and daily energy booster.

Ayurvedic Salsa :

Digestive,energy booster,gastric problems,

Maha Shakti Salsa Indication :

During the time of medicine do not eat tamarind, sour,duck's egg,Duck's meat.


Maha shakti salsa composition
Each 5 ml. contains aqueous extracts of :
Amlaki(80mg), Arjun(50mg), Rakta chandan(50mg), Lodh(50mg), Basak(50mg), Jatamanshi(50mg), Guruchi...50mg
Aswagandha(50mg), Dhiphul(30mg), caramel(75mg), sorbitol.(75mg), sodium benzoate(25mg), purified water(Q.S to 5 ml).

Maha Shakti Salsa Use :

2 Teaspoonful before the lunch & dinner with water or as directed by the physician.

Side Effect :
No side effect in ayurvedic medicine

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