Master Oil 100ml (Pack Of 3)

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Use For: 

  1. Relief Form Agonizing Joint And Muscle Pain.
  2. Gout.
  3. Arthritis.
  4. Lumbago.
  5. Muscle Trauma Sprain.
  6. Tissue Injuries.
  7. Back Pain Relief.
  8. Neek Pain Relief.
  9. Joint Pain Relief.
  10. Headache Relief.

Ayurvedic Master Oil Pure mustard oil and mustard essential oil may help reduce inflammation and pain, slow cancer cell growth b,Arthritis, Tissue Injuries, Back pain Relief, Neck Pain Relief, block microbial growth, and enhance hair and skin health. Both can also be diluted with a carrier oil and applied topically in massage oils, face masks, and hair.

Ayurvedic Pain Relief Master Oil :

Gout, Lumbago, Tissue Injuries


All Kinds Of Pain:

Relief Form Agonizing Joint And Muscle Pain, Neck Pain Relief,



Each 5ml. Contains Oil

Pudina.0.25mg. Karpur.0.25mg. Guggul.0.395mg. Eranda. 0.15mg. Nim .0.50mg.

Thymol .0.25mg. Haridra . 0.20mg. Rosun .o.25mg. Oil Of Gaultheria .0.30mg. Oil Of Eucalyptus.0.25mg. Oil Of Chalmoorga.0.25mg. Sodium Benzoate.30mg. Mustard

Oil . 5ml.


Relief Form Agonizing Joint And Muscle Pain, Gout, Arthritis,

Lumbago, Muscle Trauma Sprain, Tissue Injuries.


Massage Gently On The Effected Areas

Side Effect : No side Effect Ayurvedic propritary medicine

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