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Nasa Mukti Capsule (pack of 2)

Nasa Mukti Capsule (pack of 2)

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  • Natural way to Quit alcohol and tobacco​.
  • The physiological expulsion of toxic substances from your body takes puts through purification of blood.
  • Nasha mukti enacts the lethargic neurons which make a feeling of addiction and makes fiend helpless against fix.
  • The addict is relieved of his addiction and is finally headed towards a happy life.

 100% Ayurvedic Nasa mukti capsule. Alcohol, smoking and other similar products have adverse effects on various parts of our body. According to the National Institute of Cancer, addiction to such harmful substances and products can lead to cancer of the mouth, larynx, esophagus, pharynx, breast cancer in women, and liver cancer in men. Addiction to such substances can lead to various harmful substances. It has been as a remedy for addiction to alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco and other addictive substances. It is a herbal product with no side effects. It helps to cure addiction to any health condition of the person.

100% Ayurvedic Nasa mukti :

  It helps to cure addiction to any health condition of the person,

Get rid of addiction in a completely natural way :

Indication :

Natural way to stop addiction, To Quite Smoking, quite alcohol, liver function, detoxifying, addiction

Dosage :
1 capsule daily twice a day

Side Effect :
No Side Effect .

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