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Neem RED Lotion (pack of 5)

Neem RED Lotion (pack of 5)

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Shiv shakti  Neem red Dental Lotion Use for toothache, bad breath, bleeding from teeth, pyrexia to protect gums, clean teeth. It is Besides also used for gum disease, gingivitis, bad breath, plaque, and other conditions

Shiv shakti Neem RED Dental Lotion :

Bad Breath, Bleeding From Teeth,


Health Supplement :

Tooth Pain Relief, Bleeding Tooth,

Composition :

Dental Cure Lotion :

Hekla Lava .10%,Plantago.1%,Myrrh. 0.5%, Calendula . 10%,Kreosota .3.6%, Neem.0.5%,
Clove Oil. 10%, Camphor. 0.05%, Pudina Oil . 0.90%, Menthol.0.10%, Ethyl Alcohole.10%

Dosage :

Use 2-3 drops mixed with paste or powder in the morning and at night

Side Effect :

No Side Effect 



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