Breast Care Brexelant Breast Cream & Capsule(Combo)

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Brexelant soft gelatin capsules beauty & development advance nutrition,100% satisfaction, natural ingredients, Soft Gelatin Capsules combines a synergistic blend of nutraceuticals for women, that help to stimulate the growth of tissues to beautify and clear the skin, naturally and without the side-effects, Development Soft Gelatin Capsules helps to maximize the growth of tissues,

Brexelant soft gelatin capsules beauty & development advance nutrition,100% satisfaction :

For vitamin -E,

Breast Care :

Beauty & Development,



Brexelant Soft Gelatin Capsule Contains:   

Each Soft Gelatin Capsule Contains:

Vitamin A (As Palmitate)  1000, Vitamin E  10, Zinc (As Sulphate)  10, Selenium (As Selenomethionine)  40mcg, Niacinamide  10m.g, Folic Acid  50mcg, Calcium (As D-Gluconate)  50m.g, L-Leucine  20m.g, L-Tyrosine  10m.g, Fennel Extract  10m.g, Turmeric Extract  10m.g, Beta-Alanine  1.0m.g, L.Arginine  10m.g, Glutamine  20m.g, Creatine  10m.g, Whey Protein 30m.g. Tricalcium Phosphate 25m.g. Providing Phosphorus 5m.g. Calcium 9.6m.g.


. Helps in the breast firmer, tighter, enlarged, and uplifted.

. Helpful in breast development.

. Strengthens breast muscles and makes them strong.

. Makes the breasts curved in appearance.

Brexelant cream : 





Directions For Use:

Brexelant Cream: Apply BREXELANT Cream daily, preferably in the morning at night from the base of the breast to chin. Sturdy and circular upward strokes. Use your palm to massage.

DIRECTIONS: Use in the morning , evening and after bath. Gently mssage in circles with a little og this product over the breast for  minutes. Normally primary effect can be seen in 20-30 days & abvious effect can be seen in 3-4 months or you can use until the desired effect is achieved.

Brexelant Capsule: 1 Capsule daily or as recommended by a Healthcare Professional.

Pack Size:

 Brexelant Capsule: 2 Strips of 15x15=30 Capsule Packing.

Side Effects:

No Side Effects Ayurvedic Proprietary.

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