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Pain Nil Powder For Joint Pain (pack of 40)

Pain Nil Powder For Joint Pain (pack of 40)

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Gopal Herbal Pain Nil Powder About:
Gopal Pain Nil is an effective herbal formulation to provide quicker relief in joint and muscles pain. Gopal Pain Nil Powder is extremely used for Joints Pain, Gathiya Gout Athritis, Chikungunya joints pain, Arthritis and various kinds of such pain diseases

When to use :
Joint pain
Chikungunya joint pain
Gout Arthritis/Gathiya
Body pain due to any similar diseases

Aswagandha 150 mg.
Shatavari 150 mg.
Safed Musli 150 mg.
Gilory 100 mg.
Bhumi Amia 100 mg.
Amla 100 mg.
Keshar 30 mg.
Shilajit Sudh 120 mg.

Helps in relieving joint pain
Reduces body pain
Treats Arthritis
Helps in reducing joint pain in Chikungunya
Helps in treating Gout Arthritis/Gathiya

Take 1 pouch of after meal in the morning and 1 pouch in the evening after meal ever day with normal water. store in a dry and cool place to keep it in good condition for long.

Pack Size: Pack of 20.

Side Effect: No Side Effect .
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