Petsafa & Health Aim Capsule(combo)

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Use For:

Both Use Men And Women's

  • Natural laxatives
  • Best laxative for constipation
  • Ispaghula husk
  • Natural stool softener
  • Osmotic laxative
  • laxative medicine
  • Increase stamina

This Capsule Natural Laxative Granules is the ayurvedic based formulation to help in maintaining regular bowel movements to ensure proper cleansing of the body. Petsafa And Health Aim Capsule is a powerful laxative which also improves digestion and relieves flatulence due to digestion, It laxative for constipation is very effective in helping to flush out all toxins in the body and also promotes bowel movements

Ayurvedic Petsafa & Health Aim Capsule :

Best laxative for constipation, Natural stool softener,

Natural Laxative Granules:

Acidity, paachak,


Each 100g contains Herbs powder of:
Cassia angustifolia.50.60% w/w,  salt.11.00% w/w,Trachyspermumammi.10.08% w/w,Terminalia chebula.10.08% w/w,Operculina turpethum.5.05% w/w,Sodium bicarbonate. 4.85% w/w,Rock salt.3.84% w/w,Zingiber officinale.0.1% w/w,Cassia fistula.0.1% w/w,Glycyrrhiz glabra.0.1% w/w.

Health Aim: Dalchini.50mg,Mandoor bhasma.5mg,Safedmusli.50mg,Bhringraj.25mg,Guduchi satv.25mg,Jatiphal.25mg,Ashwagandha.50mg,Vishtundakadi vati.20mg,Shudh shilajit.55mg,Triphala.75mg,Vidhara.25mg,Kaunch beej.25mg,Bala.30mg,

Petsafa : Helpful in virechak, aginideepak, paachak, vibandha

Health aim Capsule : Energy boost, increase stamina, drive & vitality

Petsafa -1 to 1/ tea- spoon (3g to 6g) with warm water (approx. 200ml) at bed time or as directed by the physician.

Health aim Capsule -1 to 2 capsules twice or thrice a day or as directed by the physician.

Side Effect: No Side Effect .

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