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PILUM OINTMENT (pack of 3)

PILUM OINTMENT (pack of 3)

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Pilum Ointment for complete & relief from piles is a pure herbal medicine which exhibit antispsmodic and soothing action on the inflamed skin & mucus membrane of the rectum which facillitate the smooth evacuation of flatus faces,pilum ointment possess anti-inflammatory,hemostatic and anti-hemorrhoidal properties which help to shrink the piles mass,control bleeding.

Pilum Ointment for complete & relief from piles is a pure herbal Product:

For Hemorrhoids,

Health care :

Relief from piles ,

Composition :

Ointment contain indifofera tinctoria ext.5%,misoa pudica ext.3%,berberies aristata ext.3%,clandula officinalis ext.3%,gracinia morella ext.4%,camphor 2%,basa wax and almond oil 100%,


Hemorrhoids,varicose veins(inflamed condition)anal fissure and painful evacuation,


Pilum ointment applied before & after evacuation with the help of clean applicator or finger,simultaneously use the pilum capsule orally to bring complete & faster relief.

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