Power Plus Capsule is a effective dietary complement that provides a range of advantages for guys looking for a more healthy life, these natural drugs are comprehend for growing power and time and affords speedy end result these drugs are herbal and safe. Power Plus Capsules are an fantastic way of playing the advantages of these basic herbs and an perfect preference of complement to assist keep energy, vitality

Ayurvedic Power Plus Capsule:

For Vigour & Vitality

Health supplement:

Premature Ejaculation


Each Capsule contains:-
Alkhusi beej 50 mg, Gurukhachakule 50 mg, Vhuikusmanda 50 mg, Aswagandha 50 mg, Gokhur 50 mg, Shimul mul 40 mg, Punamaba 30 mg, Satamuli 50 mg, Karkatasringi 40 mg, Hasti kama palash mul 50 mg.

Additive Agent:
Abhra bhasma 10 mg, Banga bhasma 10 mg, Rasasindura 8 mg, Sodhito Shilajit 10 mg, Sodium Benzoate 2 mg.


brings the back desire & vigour, improves & maintains erection during coitus, increases duration of sexual activity, nocturnal semen emission.

1 capsule at bed time or as directed by the physician.

Pack Size: Container of 20 capsule.

Side Effect : No Side Effect Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine


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