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Super Health Capsule

Super Health Capsule

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Gita Ayurvedic Super Health muscle activation Capsule  & this capsule  beneficial for health, and it is also effective in weight gain, it is a healthy capsule without any side effects. Muscle. Beneficial for Bodybuilding, General Weakness, Los Appetite, Liver, Digestive,

Gita Ayurvedic Super Health muscle activation Capsule

Body building, Muscle,

Health Supplement:

Weight gainer,General weakness,

Compositin :

Each capsule contains :powder of : satavari(asparagus racemosos) 80mg,jatamansi(nardostachya  jatamansi)50 mg,guduchi(tinospora cordifolia wild)80m,bala(comphora myrrha)80 mg,aswaigandha(withania somnifera)80mg,yastimadhuu(glycyrrhiza glabra)80mg,shilajit( bitumen)50mg,preservation sodium benzoate 0.2%,


weight loss ,general waekness , body building ,muscle ,liver ,digestive,

 Dosage :

1 capsule twice daily with milk and directed by the physician,

Side effectNo side effect .

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