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Vaticon Hair Oil 200ml (pack of 2)

Vaticon Hair Oil 200ml (pack of 2)

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HERBS N DRUGS Vaticon Ayurvedic healthy long and strong Hair Oil. this hair oil are often used in traditional Ayurvedic practices and are believed to provide benefits such as reducing dandruff, relieving scalp itching, and improving the texture and shine of the hair.

Embrace a stress-free life: Simply massage the oil on your head for sometime. Maduk Parni, Indravaruni and Jati infused in this hair oil will relax your nerves and provide quick relief from headaches. Nourishment for your hair: with vitamins, minerals and proteins from phyton-ingredients like Wheat Germ Oil, Milk, Til Oil, Coconut Oil and Nili Oil, this hair oil nourishes your scalp and follicles. Goodbye dandruff: The lemon oil, Sudha Dhatura and Karanj Beej infused in the hair effectively tackle dandruff and lice. Universal Use: Suitable for dry hair, damaged hair and normal hair. Pure Goodness of Nature: 100% Herbal. No Mineral Oil. No Chemicals.

HERBS N DRUGS Vaticon Ayurvedic healthy long and strong Hair Oil :

Repairs damaged hair and helps to get normal hair,

Hair Care :

For Healthy &  strong Hair,


Each 10 ml contains
Oil extract of :
Manjistha(rubia cordifolia)50mg, Bael phool(jasminum sambac)50mg, Amlaki(emblica officinalis)200mg, Jaba phool(hibiscus rosa)100mg, Chameli phool(jasminum glandiforum)50mg, Maha bhiringaraj(eclipta alba)300mg, Flavour(jasmin) q.s.


Offer unique antifungal and antibacterial action. provides vital nutrients hair root.prevents premature hair falling and growth.


2 to 3 drops of oil genty massage over the scalp or as directed by the physician.

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