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Ayurvedic Zeegra Top Capsules (Pack of 4)

Ayurvedic Zeegra Top Capsules (Pack of 4)

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Ayurvedic best Erectile disfunction Shighrapatan rokne ki dawa Zeegra Top Capsules for Stamina, shighrapatan, low libido & vigor weakness. Which keeps the energy level of the body, Stamina general weakness, away from old age weakness. It increases blood flow to the reproductive organs and reduces recovery time for multiple sessions. Helps keep the body healthy by keeping the nerves calm by stopping anxiety and stress.

Ayurvedic best Shighrapatan rokne ki dawa Zeegra Top Capsules for Stamina Erectile disfunction vigor & Weakness

Lack Of Stamina, shighrapatan,


Men's Health

Weakness, dreamer, low libido, vigor,



Each capsule contains:

Makardhwaj Ayurvedic drug 10 m.g, Swaran-vang Ayurvedic drug 10 m.g, Giloy Sat Tinospora cardifolia 25 m.g, Javitri Myristica fragrance 5 m.g, AkarKara Ancycyclus pyrejhum 30 m.g, Safed Musli Chlorophytum borivilianum 50 m.g, Jayphal Myristica fragrance 20 m.g, Bhimseni Kapoor Camphor 3 m.g, Amber Ambergris 2 m.g, Vidari Kand Pueraria 25 m.g, Loung Syzgium aromaticum 5 m.g, Konch Beej Mucuna prurita 5 m.g, Ashwgandha Withania somnifera 70 m.g,


Lack of stamina, General Weakness, Old Age Weakness.


1 Capsule daily with milk at bed time or as directed by the Physician.

Pack Size:

10 capsules.

Side Effect:

No Side Effect an Ayurvedic  Proprietary Medicine.

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